In her best-selling book, A Pace of Grace, Linda Kavelin-Popov offered physical and spiritual practices to retrieve health and find balance. Now, in Dreaming at the Crossroads of Change, she shares meaningful ways to discern an ideal path forward when life shifts – whether from a crisis, a loss, a move or retirement. Amplified by inspiring stories of people who discovered their own way to “live the dream,” including her own, Kavelin-Popov offers practices to help us tap the power of Grace and our own virtues. Deciding what we really want out of life, learning to play, finding a calling, honing our inner strengths…these are the aims of this engaging new book.Dreaming at the Crossroads of Change guides us to let go of old stories and limiting beliefs, to envision the life that is possible for us. We may well emerge with a new narrative, deepening gratitude and joy, and discover our own part in dreaming a better world.

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