By Heather Lagace, LPC, NCC, CPC
Licensed Counselor, Certified Educator, Certified Life Coach

Growing into a Healthier Relationship is a work book designed to help you improve any relationship in your life: the relationship with your child, boss, spouse, mother… Just as we exercise and eat well to maintain physical health, healthy relationships are a result of healthy attitudes and behaviors in our in daily interactions. Consider your individual contribution to the relationship by reading the workbook and taking the challenge of each session in order to positively impact the relationship you wish to improve. I lead the way by applying each session in my own life; then I ask you to take a turn. The sessions are simple, brief, and practical. Join me in bringing wellness to the myriad of relationships in our lives. Don’t just wish you could be happier about a relationship in your life; take the first step to a healthier relationship by ordering your copy of the workbook today. 

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