“This journal brings the Five Strategies of The Virtues ProjectTM more deeply and meaningfully into our lives. It is a simple, powerful tool for living our very best lives.”  ~ Linda Kavelin Popov

Mastering the Five Strategies of The Virtues ProjectTM :

A Personal Journal to Enrich Your Life in 40 Days

By Betsy Lydle Smith & Heather Acres

 Would YOU like to:

  •  Speak the Language of Virtues more fluently?
  • Recognize teachable moments with greater clarity in your life in the light of virtues?
  • Improve your ability to Set Clear Boundaries with the Virtues as a foundation?
  • Honor your spirit with a simple, daily practice?
  • Improve your ability to deeply listen to yourself and others as a Spiritual Companion?

Learn about and deepen in The Five Strategies of The Virtues ProjectTM with:

  •  7 days of exercises for each of the Five Strategies
  • A daily practice of reverence
  • Simple explanations for each strategy with concrete examples.
  • Five days of reflection and integration.
  • 10-20 minutes per day of personal time to deepen in Virtues Project strategies

Beneficial for:

  • Those who know a little bit about The Virtues ProjectTM and want to make it relevant to their life
  • Facilitators to deepen more fully in the five strategies
  • Facilitators who want to recommend a tool for deepening through daily practice to their workshop participants
  • Those who took a Virtues ProjectTM workshop and went home without a support group
  • Study groups or sharing circles to deepen their virtues and the strategies together

Important Notes:

  • You will need either a set of virtues cards or one of the Virtues Project books to work with this journal
  • After purchase, you will be able to download the journal directly to your computer.
  • IMPORTANT: The journal is only intended for ONE person’s use after download.  Please do not copy or distribute the journal to others. You may, however, use up to five pages of this journal to share with your workshop participants or in your work with others.
  • This is a Microsoft Word file.  You will need to have compatible software to view and work with this journal.

“Living a life filled with honesty, simplicity, reverence, patience, and encouragement takes daily practice. This book gives a solid foundation to making virtues come off the page and show up consciously in your life.”  Asali Powers, Atlanta, GA

“This journal is an excellent refresher!  It reminded me to recognize the virtues in every person while continually inspiring me to lead a more virtuous life.”    Stephen Veit, Bellevue, WA

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