Music by Jennifer Russell

These simple songs, sung in the first person, focus on one Character trait at a time with words that are easy to understand. The songs are powerful and once learned are always remembered. The variety of musical styles will help broaden student’s awareness of contemporary pop composition. The songs are fun to sing and the rhythms will make you want to dance.

“This Is Where I Live” features the C&E Kids, a community youth choir representing The Character and Ethics Project of the city of Glendale, CA. Each song coincides with the “words of the month” (Community, Respect, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Courtesy, Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Compassion, Unity). The Music Kit has been adopted by the Glendale Unified School District for use in the classroom.

Materials included:

10 song CD featuring The C & E Kids with extra performance tracks

songbook with discussion/activity ideas

lyric sheet (for making multiple copies)

Weight 6 oz

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