Here is a fun way to teach your children the language of virtues. While small children need to learn their ABCs, we are never too old to be reminded of the importance of being Active, Brave and Creative.

This is a colorful set of 60 3.5x4cm flexible magnets that will turn your refrigerator into a virtues learning center for kids of all ages. Young children can learn their upper and lower case alphabet letters, while kids and adults of all ages can learn about the virtues that reside within them.

Each magnet features a letter and the name of a virtue that starts with it. We included the upper and lower case form of each letter. That gave us 52 magnets, then we added some extra vowels and punctuation to make it easier to spell words, names and even short sentences. That gave us sixty magnets in all in two pre-cut 8.5×8 inch sheets of flexible magnet.

Adding them to your refrigerator will help make the language of virtues part of your family’s every day experience. Actually playing with them and talking about them will actively encourage positive behavior.

One fun way to use them is to reserve a specific area of your refrigerator for each child. Praise your children and reward them with the appropriate magnet when you see them demonstrate a virtue. At the end of the day or week, see how they did. Older children can try to spell words with the letters they’ve earned!

It is also fun to spell the names of family and friends and see if they match their virtues. We can all strive to practice each of these virtues when they are needed.

You already know what these virtues mean, but to make it easier to apply them to your children, I’ve included a sheet of child-friendly definitions of the 58 virtues mentioned.

To reinforce the learning process, you can also buy these with a matching Character Building from A to Z 11×17″ poster. Scroll through the pictures to see one of my granddaughter successfully matching the letter magnets to the poster. This will also give you a good sense of their size.

These flexible magnets are strong enough to stick to your fridge, but still slide around easily to make words. They are not the powerful ones that can injure babies. Even so, you know your child better than I do. Don’t use them if your child is still chewing on or swallowing inappropriate objects.

Weight 16 oz

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Virtues Alphabet Magnets